ADU Construction

Accessory Dwelling Units


The State of California continues to make it easier for homeowners to construct ADUs. 


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) commonly known as secondary units, granny flats, in-law units, guest houses, and backyard cottages, have become a popular option to meet the increasing housing needs in California. An ADU is a separate residential living space that shares the same lot with the initial single-family house, either being attached to the latter or entirely detached.  


Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) are additional residential living spaces that can be created within the walls of an existing single-family house. JADUs are allowed to be no more than 500 square feet. They may share the utilities, HVAC systems, kitchen, and bathroom, with the primary house, and are budget-friendly solutions to living space management. 


The benefits of ADUs and JADUs cannot be overstated: ADUs increase the value of your house, add living space to your property, are much more affordable for construction, enable the owners to have additional (rental) income, grant growing families with integrity and privacy at the same time,  


It is now simpler and more cost-effective to get ADU plans approved. New ADU funding laws, effective January 1, 2021, promote the development of the ADU building process and enable homeowners to receive state grants and financial incentives, for planning, constructing, and occupying an ADU (for more detailed info, please refer to the official website of the California Housing Finance Agency). 


So, it’s the right time to start to turn your dreams into reality.


Dialog Group can create your desired Accessory Dwelling Unit most cost-effectively, whether building them new or converting them. We can build the home office, guest house, or entertainment space of your dreams promptly. Our experienced, licensed professionals complete the work from PLANS and PERMITS up to FINAL INSPECTION. We provide FREE site visits, assessments, and estimates.


The types of ADUs we can build for you are: Detached ADU, Attached ADU, Basement ADU, Second story / Above-Garage ADU, Garage-Conversion ADU.


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