Balcony / Deck Repair and Waterproofing

Structural Repair and Waterproofing


Keeping decks and balconies structurally safe and sound can be critical, yet challenging.


  • Have you recently had a balcony inspection on your multi-family building? 
  • Have you received a report revealing issues regarding your balcony or other exterior elevated wood-framed elements (EEEs), such as decks, porches, stairways, railings, walkways, and entry structures? 
  • Have you been told you need a repair of your EEEs in accordance with SB-721?
  • Do you simply need your deck or balcony get repaired, to alleviate the risk of accidents or structural failures? 
  • Do you simply need waterproofing works on your deck or balcony, to prevent the surface from exposure to water?
  • Did you answer YES to any or all of these questions?


Then it's the perfect time to CONTACT DIALOG GROUP to initiate your EEE repair. 


NOTE! After you receive an inspection report, which states that you need to improve the exterior elevated elements of your building, you will have approximately 8 months to correct the issues (120 days after the report was issued to get a permit and another 120 days to complete the repairs). 


Dialog Group's experienced team is here to provide you prime-level balcony repair and waterproofing services that satisfy California Balcony Bills. We provide FREE estimates for all the necessary structural repairs and waterproofing on your EEE. Scope of work of our balcony specialists includes all the works from demolition to framing and surfacing. We use high-quality materials that are more reliable in the long run. 


Dialog Group guarantees complete management of the entire construction process, starting from PLANS (if needed) and PERMITS up to the FINAL INSPECTION.


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