Soft Story Retrofit

Why You Need It


Do you own or manage a multi-story building with the ground floor being a garage, a parking space, or a roomy lobby with wide doors and windows? 


Then your building might be on the list of the mandatory soft story retrofit program.


The mandatory soft story retrofit program, under Ordinance 183893, was signed in 2015, and updated under Ordinance 184081 in 2016.


A soft story retrofit strengthens the building structure to allow it better to withstand an earthquake. It aims at reducing the effect of transverse shaking of multi-story buildings, thus preventing them from collapsing in an earthquake. 


Los Angeles building officials have made a list of the apartment houses and condominiums that fall within the scope of the ordinance.  



What You Do


You will start with checking if your building needs a soft story retrofit.


You will need to hire a licensed structural engineer (or Dialog Group) to 1) assess your building, 2) draft a plan, and 3) obtain a retrofit permit for your building.


You will need to hire a soft story retrofit team (such as Dialog Group) to perform the retrofitting.



What We Do


We study your building and the plan to it.


We provide you with a reasonable bid for all the necessary steps for your project.


We will start the job very shortly after the permit is issued.