Soft Story Retrofit

Soft Story Retrofit Program


To owners / managers of multi-story buildings:


 If you own a multi-story building with the ground floor being a garage, a featuring "tuck under" parking space, or a roomy lobby with wide doors and windows, then building might be on the list of the mandatory soft story retrofit program. It was signed in 2015, under Ordinance 183893, and updated in 2016, under Ordinance 184081.  The purpose of the mandatory retrofit program, is to decrease structural inadequacies of building structure and to strengthen it.  It aims at reducing the effect of transverse shaking of multi-story buildings, thus preventing them from collapsing in an earthquake, as it was the case of the Northridge Earthquake in 1994. Los Angeles building officials have made a list of the apartment houses and condominiums that fall within the scope of the Ordinance. 


Each property owner of these buildings receives an order to comply within the following time frames from the receipt of the order:

  • Submit proof of previous retrofit, or retrofit / demolition plans (2 years),
  • Obtain permit to start construction / demolition (3.5 years),
  • Complete construction (7 years).



The Retrofit


Dialog Group's experienced team is here to help you to comply with the Ordinance in a timely and budget-friendly manner. Contact us for a free estimate.


Dialog Group's soft story retrofit experience includes over 300 successfully completed retrofit projects. We provide FREE site visits, assessment and estimates. Very shortly after the estimate is approved, we can draft a PLAN, obtain a retrofit PERMIT for your building, and perform the retrofitting up to the FINAL INSPECTION


To reach our main goal, seismic resilience of your building, we use a variety of recognized techniques in soft story retrofitting, such as: 

  • moment frames,  
  • shear walls (wood frame and prefabricated), 
  • steel cantilever columns, 
  • steel beams. 


Trust your building's structural integrity to Dialog Group, and we will surpass your expectations.


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